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JD Shiner

J.D. Shiner enjoyed a 28-year career in the world of wireless data communications. He is an expert on developing technologies, fiber transmission, firearms, fast cars, and thriller fiction. He lives in the great Central Valley of California and is working on the third novel in his Caves of Corihor trilogy.

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Just to let you know that I enjoyed reading your book.


Wow! Just finished this book for the second time. As a former member of a federal agency, I must say that J.D. Shiner knows his way around handheld weapons and munitions. Very realistic down to the caliber and round count of each firearm. Besides all that factual accuracy, it is just a dang good read. Bring on the sequel.

Larry Mangini


I like your book


connie tupan

November 9, 2016
I was pleased to learn that a recent client of mine, J. D. Shiner, author of the gripping thriller, Caves of Corihor, was being interviewed about his decision to become a full-time author. He published his first book just two months ago after working tirelessly to produce it. Already it has received reviews you might expect to see on a bestselling author’s Amazon page.

“The gripping story took me around the world, and I was enthralled by the story line and the characters,” wrote one reviewer. “Every page holds my attention,” wrote another. “Loved the intensity of this book…never stopping, edge-of-your-seat type of action.” The accolades continue, and I am certain that they will continue for quite some time.

As an editor, it certainly brings me a sense of accomplishment to know that people are enjoying his work. But what is the secret to his success? One of them is certainly his attention to detail, something about which many reviewers have commented. But another is his willingness to study the writing of bestselling authors to determine critical aspects of storytelling—the mechanics of good writing. These involve (1) understanding the importance of timing and the general pace of good writing; (2) determining the best way to develop characters and plots, and (3) studying the formats of writing that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Shiner reveals in the interview that he is a longtime fan of Stephen King novels. He took it upon himself to learn more about how King works on his creative process. Among the tools that have helped Shiner craft his novels are “a commitment to read a lot and write a lot,” sound advice from one of the most popular thriller authors in history.

While reading great fiction, it is helpful to look at the writing from different perspectives. Writers may be accustomed to relating to other writers in a certain way. If you have a favorite author, you might want to do our best to emulate that author’s style; in fact, it may be one of the reasons why you took up writing in the first place. But it’s also critically important to learn more about the mechanics of good writing, something that may not be apparent when you are merely reading novels for pleasure. By examining these works with a critical eye, you can have a greater chance of impacting the lives of your readers, creating a following, and racking up reviews that make potential customers curious and willing to buy.

This is the subject of a new book I have recently published. In The First Three Chapters: How to Impress an Agent with your Knowledge of the Mechanics of Good Writing, I explore some of the techniques bestselling authors use to grab a reader’s attention—something that many new authors neglect. Authors are accustomed to honing in on the creative elements of story building, paying far less attention to the structural elements. To many authors, this may show up as a blind spot. However, to be successful as an independently published author, or one seeking a literary agent, a basic knowledge of the mechanics of good writing is imperative. By training your eye and asking the right questions, you, much like J. D. Shiner, can increase your chances of literary success.

To learn more about how to become a master at the mechanics of writing, check out The First Three Chapters.
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Lampas Books

Wow! What a great book. Couldn’t put it down. It is fast paced, intriguing and very descriptive. Looking forward to the next one.


Review Rating:
5 stars!
Reviewed By Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite

The Caves of Corihor by J Shiner is a brilliant introduction to The Sword of Abraham series. A group of powerful men with high foreign interests have decided to cripple the US economy through acts of terrorism that are carefully planned and systematically and skillfully executed. It would take the brilliance of Napoleon Hancock and his intelligence team to uncover the plot, but what they discover is mind-blowing and they could be running out of time. A technology that could alter rainfall causing drought to a significant area of the country, a hidden civilization that has existed for many years, and an elusive group that is set to bring the United States to her knees. This is a thriller that features acts of terrorism and characters that linger in the reader’s memory long after the last page is turned.

The Caves of Corihor begins with murder, an act of terror that takes place in public. What is curious is that three people witness the incident and the three witnesses have three different versions of it. The plot moves fast, and the reader has the disturbing feeling that there is no time to waste. J Shiner is a master at creating suspense and at keeping readers glued to the pages. You don’t want to start this book if you don’t have enough time. Your hands will itch to return to it as you go about your business. Fans of the works of Robert Ludlum will enjoy the read. The international setting, featuring the Middle East and California, indicates that the author has done his homework and research. This book is so intriguing, so compelling and absorbing that readers will finish it in no time and then long for the second installment in the series.


Review Rating:
5 stars!
Reviewed By Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers’ Favorite

The Caves of Corihor by J.D. Shiner is a sensational thriller. California is in a severe drought. The economy is suffering. The state is on the brink of chaos, panic is escalating. “Life is glorious when kept in balance.” But what happens when life is shaken, turned inside out, then upside down? Moreover, what happens when all the shaking and quaking unearths something mysterious, hidden underground in California’s Sierra Nevada? These questions are just a few that the secret, highly classified agency of the PPI must answer. Napoleon Hancock and the PPI (Presidential Praetorian Initiative) are called into action. The President wants answers! The biggest question remains, could this drought be the result of a clever terrorist attack? It is time for Napoleon and his long time partner, Cassandra Caro, “to do what they do best.” The success of this mission is imperative. Once again, Napoleon and Cassandra are on an “ultra-secret mission, hurtling into the abyss of uncertainty in the name of national security.”

J.D. Shiner pens a high impact, action-packed adventure in The Caves of Corihor. It is a narrative where every minute counts. The plot consists of thrills and spills, death and destruction, super-sonic speeds, and endless action encompassing an ancient cave with rare artifacts. A secret government agency with elite agents using high tech gadgets, state-of-the-art weapons and communications devices make up the heroic cast of characters. On the flip side, the villains are sinister, patient, clever and evil with their deadly acts of terror. The clash between good and evil intensifies with every turn of the page. The action takes place on many fronts, and with each change of location Shiner shares tidbits of historical relevance, creating an interesting setting for his characters. The action rises with the finessed fury of an erupting volcano. You feel the heat, you sense the shaking, and you observe the overflow of molten energy ready to explode at just the right climactic moment. The climax causes your head to spin with the unbelievable discovery. Shiner brings to light that which has been hidden, deepening the plot by putting a suspenseful contemporary twist on an Old Testament story. The conclusion sets the reader up perfectly for the next book in The Sword of Abraham series.

Cheryl E. Rodrigues

What can I say? This is a great read! Fast-paced, exciting, educational with a bit of California lore thrown in. If you like political intrigue and GUNS this book has your name written all over it!! Buy it. You won’t regret it!

Jaymee Orton

A fast paced adventure. I loved the history and detail. You can tell JD knows his material. The story took me round the world and guessing at every chapter. Well done! When do we get the next one?


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